SWIFT SUCCESS System Introduction

Welcome and congratulations on making the decision to truly value yourself and your Soul. This is the first, most powerful step, in beginning to build a foundation and Success Ensurance process, that will rewire, rethink, redesign the most effective approach to long term REAL success, in every area of your life.

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Session Time Investment

In each session we will detail the time investment for the different aspects of the coaching. This will enable you to plan a specific time block to FIERCELY focus, listen, list, learn, and activate, the next steps of your SWIFT Success action plan.

Video Duration: 5m:45.

Reading: 5 Minutes

Action Plan; 20-30 Minutes

Core Message Focus

We will detail the core focus of the message, in case you prefer to read, rather than listen to the RBR Wisdom video session

This is a distilled – fiercely focused summary of the message that you can scan, plan and action.

Primary Points To Ponder

This section will contain bullet points of the most valuable components of each session, for you to think about, explore, and apply.

Point #1:

Point #2:

Point #3:

SWIFT Action Plan

This is the SWIFT checklist that aligns and focuses the plans, actions, and focus. to keep yo directly on your desired tracks of success. Life easily distracts us… this is the antidote to that distraction.


SMART Details

Specific #1:

Measurable #2:

Actionable #3:

Realistic, relevant #4:

Timed #5:

Ready To Get Started?

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