Success & #AdaptAgility Coaching to Ensure REAL Success in all life areas!

Transform Your Growth-Optimised Mindset: Thinking, Feeling, and Actions, SWIFTLY, to create a truly SUCCESS-FULL and satisfying, Life… in every area of your life.

With Our Results Beyond Reasons SWIFT Success Ensurance system, designed for 100% committed “Success Gladiators” who are ready for creating REAL Results.

This potent, and proven, SUCCESS ENAURANCE Growth-optimised mindset coaching system is based on over 45+ years of my personal trials, testing, research, and development; and over R19 Million investment in time, and money, and thousands of hours of self development; audios, videos, books, coaching, mentoring, studying, researching, and workshops. 

This information is what I would teach my most loved children… IF I had any.  😉  So… YOU fit into the place of my “Children” and can enjoy my wisdom and legacy… a truly MEANING-FULL life.

The Foundation Success ENSURANCE System For REAL Success, in all areas of life.

All success comes down to an effective system. BUT to ensure real Success there is only 1 FOUNDATIONAL System!

Trying to build your entire life’s success on a foundation of “beach sand” is insanity.  Yet most people do just that.

Most people expect to create real success, without the proper, stable, inner-success foundation, Silly and just crazy!!

NO "Secret Sauces"

Creating a truly successful life is a simple process. Simple, not EASY! If you have the principles, process, and formula, you can ENSURE greater REAL success.

What's Your goal?

This not a money making scheme. It’s not a process to make you more money,  although it will be of great help in creating WEALTH, in all areas of your life.

Why Join Us?

I’m telling you to not join us… UNLESS you are totally 100% COMMITTED, to ensuring real success, in every area of your life.

This is NOT for people vaguely “interested”.


There are NO EXCUSES on this journey. It’s a total commitment to your Self, Your Soul, and your adventure, called LIFE!

Systems Matter

All success, uses a range of systems to create “Success”. It depends on what you classify as “Success”. This system is the PRE-requisite for ALL Other systems to work properly.

What is REAL Success?

Most people equate “success” with having lots of money. I can tell you that my wisdom gained over 60 years… It’s definetly NOT! But thats in the coaching.

SWIFT Success System

The SWIFT Success system  comprises life-shifting WISDOMS… that will build a potent, powerful, resilient, resourcefull Identity, Mindset, Attitude and Approach, to fully living your BEST LIFE.

Your Wise Coach

All Truly successful people have coaches, mentors, and catalysts.

Start your discovery and self-mastery as an Adventurer… Totally FREE

We facilitate multiple potent levels of self awareness, consciousness and potent self-development as you climb up the ladder of Consciousness, competence, and commitment, towards REAL Success, in EVERY area of your life.   

Start as an ADVENTURER, and graduate to ALCHEMIST, helping other Success Gladiators, to also activate, unleash, expand, and align, their FULLEST Potential, for REAL success. You are worthy of this time and gift. All you have is the PRESENT…a real PRESENT

Learn Through WISDOM

Most people burn-to-learn… They try and go it alone. And so they end up burning fast, and learning and achieving slowly.

If I had my life over again.. my wisdom would be… Find the person who has achieved in my area of focus… Engage them as my mentor, to coach, educate, focus, and accelerate my energy, efforts & Results

This fast-track approach would cut out 10-20 years of time and money wasted, learning and burning! Get Smart, Get SWIFT, Pay the prices and get success FASTER.

Build Your Foundation First!

No success is sustainable, IF it’s built on weak foundations.   All Architects KNOW, that the foundation controls the building’s stability, durability, and height.

The stronger your LIFE foundation, the greater the certainty you have in times of ease, as well as tough times of challenge and chaos.

The future is getting tougher; more competitive, more confusing, more challenging and more elusive. A special few will BUILD the foundation to ensure brighter futures for themselves & their family.

Means Goals Vs Ends Goals

What would you choose ? Choose only 1 from each option. Either Wealth or Health?  Wealth or Love? Love or Health?

I have met and coached really wealthy people. Like R500 Million wealthy! 

Guess what they wanted more than the Money?

Guess what their biggest core NEED was? 

Guess what they thought the money and stuff would bring them?

The biggest mistake 90% of people make is…

chasing the MEANS (Stuff) goals, the “STUFF”, the Money, the Goodies… But once they arrive, they quickly discover, it’s not even close to filling their deepest need? 

What they REALLY wanted and Needed was their ENDS Goals: BETTER FEELINGS

This is the Alchemists Wisdom… distilled down to simple, concise, actionable, incremental steps.

There are millions of words, workshops, and wanna-be’s. People spend thousands on events, workshops and information… But seldom working from the right FOUNDATION. This is the FIRST foundation you need for ALL future Success and happiness.


Can i do this with my life Partner? We would EXPECT you to have a committed partner in your corner to help ENSURE greater success.

How Long will this take?

Ideally success is about life-long Learning. This RBR system offers a few levels from light to Serious commitnent,  The Full process is over a 12 months

Will this work for Entrepreneurs?

YES! Even entrpreneurs need the soft skills, mindsets, resilience, thinking and decision making skills to ensure long term REAL success.

What does RBR cover?

The RBR system is about building a FOUNDATION, the right mindsets, Awareness, Resilience, Decision Making skills, consciousness, Courage, commitment and contribution to a far bigger life, than you have been living.

Can I redo lessons again?

Yes, you, as a  current member, you have full access to all of your past action-learning content for reinforcement and practice.

Free Trial

We offer a free trial to see if you are ready for the big time, SERIOUS SUCCESS… Most people are interested… FEW ARE FULLY COMMITTED. See where you fit into the scale of game changers or kids sandpit Gamers.

Premium Courses

Our Process is designed to work for you whether you are in your own business or even working in a large organisation. The RBR system will turbo-charge your mindset, tune-up your thinking, and sharpen your decision making, and build SWIFT ACTION, with FIERCE FOCUS… to ensure greater Success

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