Tony Dovale & WISDOMS™ – The DifferenceMaker™

Now being launched to local corporate market.

We will give YOU our time, at our expense, to make a meaningful difference in the lives of YOUR people

YOU know, and we know, that YOUR aim in business is.. to Serve.. to Sell.. to Profit.. but, do your staff members know?
The DifferenceMaker™ program guarantees to uplift your staff, suppliers & stakeholders.

‘Thank you so much for an inspiring, thought provoking and energising morning. I loved the energy in the room generated by the obvious enthusiasm and love for life that you have for what you do and the desire to lift and encourage others to achieve similar success. It was informal yet incisive, purposeful and progressive. For me it was clear that walking the talk included a genuine loyalty, commitment, respect, care and mutual concern in relationships that were of long duration. I want to expand, reach more people and make a difference in a meaningful way.’ Yvonne Fuller-Good

The DifferenceMaker™ is a short, effective, half-day program that teaches your staff members how to make a positive difference in their lives by making a meaningful difference in the lives of those that they serve: your customers, your suppliers, your business, and YOU – the CEO.

Happy People (Staff) –> Happy Customers (Stakeholders) –> Increased Business Profits

YOUR staff will learn:

  • how to receive heartfelt ‘thank-you’ testimonials from those they serve
  • the simple principle of first ‘giving’ of themselves before expecting and getting rewards
  • how to make good things happen in their lives.. at work.. and at home

‘I’m very excited about WISDOMS. I really believe that WISDOMS has what it takes to be one of the world top life-changing programmes, that it will break down the barriers that are preventing people from realizing the incredible power within themselves, and create exciting, vibrant, conscious and purposeful people who can transform their communities and nations.’ Thumiso Masoha

The DifferenceMaker™ will uplift your staff, giving them a new, positive direction for their personal and working lives, learning to live their lives with passion and purpose by making a meaningful difference in the lives of others – including YOU.
So here’s the simple deal:

  1. We will provide our time and resource at our expense, and you will only be required to provide the premises (or your choice of venue) and any teas/snacks that will help you to impress your staff.
  2. To promote the principle of ‘giving’ and to match our action, we’d like you to make a public donation at the end of this program – on behalf of you and your staff – to a registered charity of your/their choice or to our recommended charities.

‘Once again you have not disappointed me. I like the concept, I like the principals, I like your values and I like the professional level at which you work. WISDOMS will MAD (Make A Difference)’. Manie Groenewald

The DifferenceMaker™ program facilitators are ready to change the lives of your people and your business –

Tony Dovale – Speaker, Author, Coach, Catalyst, Activator! – 083-447-6300

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